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Bethany Beach: Chief Little Owl is Not a Totem Pole

You know you are at Bethany Beach when you see Chief Little Owl.

On our first visit to Bethany Beach we couldn’t help but notice the 24’ “totem pole” as it sits on the corner of Garfield Pkwy and Coastal Highway. We soon found out it’s not a totem pole but a statue of Chief Little Owl. The original statue (this is replacement V.3 due to termites, rot and extreme weather) was carved by Peter Wolf in 1976 in honor of Charles Cullen Clark, the founder and first president of Delaware’s Nanticoke Indian Association. The first recorded reference to the Nanticoke tribe was made by Captain John Smith in 1608 when they were initially known as Kuskarawaoks.

Chief Little Owl is one of 70+ wooden statues that Toth carved as part of his “Trail of Whispering Giants” project of wooden sculptures honoring native Americans that got placed in all 50 states as well as Canada.

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Rehoboth Beach & Dewey Beach: Sand Sculpture Contest

With miles of sand along the ocean, it is only natural to have a sand sculpture contest celebrating the creative skills of the beach goer of all ages. This September, the Rehoboth Beach/Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce held their 40th Sandcastle competition. Prizes were awarded for a variety of different classes/subject matter and age groups. Regardless, they all looked like winners.

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Fishing in Coastal Delaware

“Moving to the beach” can mean a lot of things. It’s a lifestyle, it’s the closeness to water, and so on.

Coastal Delaware is more than just miles and miles of water along the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also miles and miles of water along the bays, inlets, marshes, salt ponds, fresh water ponds, rivers and creeks. Living in all this water are fishes of all sizes and shapes. For the sport fisherman there is surf fishing, trolling and fishing off the bank. If you are the competitive type, there are competitions going on all year round - One very popular flounder competition had a $100,000 first prize pay out - for a 8.6 lb fish.